About Us

Thank you for checking out Runners Broadcast Company, or as we like to call it, RBC. High school friends, David Tomchinsky and Thomas Prettyman, wanted to create a platform that provides a more personalized view into the lives of athletes, young professionals, and everyday people trying to figure it all out. The rest of our crew is a group of former Division II cross country/track teammates and long-time friends.

Through podcasts, short films, and blogs, we hope to entertain you with topics including sports, music, pop-culture, stories that hit you in the feels, and life in general.

Even though most of us here at RBC live and breathe running, we know there’s a lot more to life than putting on short shorts and hitting the trails. It doesn’t matter what your fastest 5k is, how many miles you run a week, or if you only plan on running if you're being chased; our goal here is to offer something for everyone - funny, serious, inspiring, informative stuff for anyone who wants to listen.

Stick around, scroll through our site, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (@run_bro_co), and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Let's run it.